Use your Pirate Gold OneCard campuswide.
Use your NCMC Discover debit card worldwide.

The North Central Missouri College Pirate Gold OneCard program, powered by the Give Something Back NetworkSM, provides students, faculty and staff the convenience of carrying one card for all of your needs around campus and the NCMC Discover card for everywhere else off campus. Your Pirate Gold Card functions as a campus ID card as well as an FDIC-insured, prepaid card that works like cash on and off campus and no fees are charged for purchases.*

Pirate Gold OneCard

Your Pirate Gold OneCard can be used for:

Your NCMC Discover debit card can be used for:

NCMC Discover debit card

*Other fees may apply; see cardholder agreement for fee schedule and privacy policy.

† Free withdrawals of financial aid from GSB ATM located in Ketcham Community Center.

Activate your Pirate Gold OneCard and your NCMC Discover debit card.

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Click here to activate your card online, or call 866.979.9016 and follow the voice prompts to activate each card. You must do this before you can use your cards.

When activating your Pirate Gold OneCard or your NCMC Discover Card, you can choose the same new PIN and Access Code for both cards making it easier for you to remember them.

Record (but don't share) your four-digit PIN — required when you make ATM withdrawals — and your 4 to 6-digit numeric access code — needed to log in to your account by phone or online.

*For help with activation, call our Customer Service number shown above.

Manage your account online.

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To manage your account online, log in to your account at the top of this page.

  • If you are a first time user, enter the 16-digit card number on the front of your Pirate Gold OneCard and the 4 to 6-digit access code you created during activation.

Once you have successfully logged in to your account:

1. Click "Add Value to Card" to add funds from a credit/debit card or via bank transfer to your Pirate Gold Onecard.

2. Explore the rest of the site! You can:

  • View your balance, reload and transaction history
  • Pay bills
  • Manage your profile
  • Report a lost or stolen card
  • And more …

Add funds to your OneCard.

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†Your card must be activated before you load money. Refer to the "Activate your OneCard" section above.

Report a lost or stolen card.

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To report a lost or stolen Pirate Gold Onecard or NCMC Discover debit card, call 866.979.9016 or log in† above and click the "Report lost card" link.

For your security, if a card is lost or stolen and reported to us, the card reported is locked. Don't worry — your funds are safe. If not found, you must get a new card at the Financial Services Department. You'll need to activate your new card over the phone.

  • Card replacement policy for Pirate Gold Onecard: $25
  • Card replacement policy for NCMC Discover debit card: $10

†You must have already activated your card to log in to your account online. Refer to the "Activate your card" section above.

The Give Something Back Network.

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Heartland Payment Systems' Give Something Back (GSB) Network is a growing, nationwide network of cardholders, sponsoring organizations, and merchants making it easy to make purchases with your OneCard or Discover debit card.

Since the Give Something Back Network and the Discover network are national networks, you can use your Discover debit card or OneCard to make purchases at merchants across the country!

If you're on the go or out of town, remember you can use your Discover debit card to make purchases wherever the Discover Network or Give Something Back Network logo is displayed.

OneCard logo Give Something Back Network logo

Cardholder Customer Service: 866.400.8627

Need an ATM?Visit the GSB ATM in the Ketcham Community Center.
Want to sign up for Direct Deposit?
Use PayPal to shop online?
Forgot your PIN? Call 866.979.9016.
Lost or stolen card? Let us know by calling 866.979.9016 or logging in to your account.
Need a new card? Visit the Financial Services Department.
Tour the North Central Missouri College website.