Carry convenience with a cause.

The Rock Dollars OneCard provides students, faculty and staff the convenience of carrying just one card or contactless tag for all of your needs around campus. The Rock Dollars OneCard functions as a campus ID card, as well as an FDIC-insured, stored-value card that works like cash on and off campus. No fees are charged for purchases or cash back at participating merchants.* The OneCard/tag serves a variety of functions:

GSB card


Get something. Give something.
It doesn't cost you a dime.

The Rock Dollars OneCard program, powered by Heartland Payment Systems' Give Something Back Network, makes it easy to support the SRU community while you do something routine — make purchases. When you get your OneCard and optional contactless tag, you are automatically enrolled in the Give Something Back Network, so every purchase you make at participating off-campus merchants benefits your community.

From buying a piece of pizza to a piece of jewelry, your OneCard/tag is accepted at many of the shops and businesses you already use on a daily basis. The difference is that each time you make an off-campus purchase, you automatically make a donation to Slippery Rock University. You can also make additional donations to the Slippery Rock University General Scholarship Fund or other nonprofits or receive cash back — at no extra expense to you.

Get the most from your Rock Dollars OneCard.
And give the most back.

The Rock Dollars OneCard network is growing with new merchants, sponsors and donation recipients. To take full advantage of your Rock Dollars OneCard, browse these pages to find resources like maps of where you can use your OneCard both on and off campus … special offers from participating merchants … listings of eligible nonprofit organizations you can make donations to … and more.

Plus, log in above to manage your account online, including reloading funds … reviewing your transaction history … distributing donation values … and more.

Learn more about the OneCard program and the Give Something Back Network.

Slippery Rock University Rock Dollars OneCard - Gives Back

Cardholder Customer Service: 866.400.8627

Need a new card/tag? Visit the Rock Dollars OneCard office at 157 Watson Hall or call 724.738.2100.

Tour the Slippery Rock University website.